Website details:

  • tool: WordPress
  • template: iTheme2
  • plugin: Auto Refresh Single Page
  • refresh setting: 15 sec
  • Settings:
    • Site title: leeg
    • Tagline: leeg
    • Reading: front page displays Static Page
    • Permalinks setting: postname
  • iThem2 settings
    • custom favicon:
    • Default layout: sidebar rights
    • Display content: full content
    • Page COmments: Disable comments in all Pages
    • Exclude RSS link
    • Header slide on homepage, enabled with images. Visible 3, Auto Play 1, Scroll 1, Speed Slow, Wrap Slides yes and feature image size: 333 px height
    • Disabled image script.
    • Social links added
    • Themify builder enabled
    • Background image, background color 000080, repeat X, position Left
    • Header with background image
    • Site logo, display site
    • Footer color Footer Hoever f7183a
    • Custom CSS for tables, header1,2
    • Skins: no
  • Appearance
    • separate menus for main and footer navigation


Photo-albums are on private google account, but made public via
or maybe also update


Link to Google+ photo-albums:

Some links do not work on smartphones or certain pc’s


link  /110081126906680435820/MVWE_20150321